Soy Wax Candles: Why You Should Buy Them?

One must choose candles for more than just their fragrance and aroma. Many different types of wax may be used to create candles, each with unique attributes influencing how well the candle burns. Several types of wax may be used to make candles, including paraffin, soy, palm, and granulated wax. In contrast to petroleum-based waxes, the only ingredient in soy wax candles is the soybean plant itself. Beans are processed into flakes by cleaning, cracking, dehulling, and rolling them after harvest. The flakes are processed to remove the oil, and what’s left behind is utilised as animal feed. One of the most often used candle waxes is paraffin wax, produced in a different method than other waxes. When crude oil is refined from petroleum, coal, or oil shale, paraffin wax is one of the byproducts. Paraffin wax is left after the waxy component of crude oil is removed.

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Why Opt For Soy Wax?

Traditional paraffin wax is generated from petroleum, a nonrenewable resource, whereas soy wax is derived from a renewable one. Soy wax has “green” benefits over other candle waxes, and it burns more slowly than paraffin wax, so you get more use out of your candle. Candles made from soy wax burn cleaner and produce less soot than candles made from other waxes, yet all candles produce some black soot as they burn.

Another advantage of soy wax over other candle waxes is that it acts as an excellent aroma carrier without needing chemical boosters. The end product is a fragrant candle that stays loyal to its aroma. Standard candles made from paraffin wax burn hotter and melt at a lower temperature than their soy wax counterparts. It implies that a given amount of soy wax may melt across a larger surface area and release a greater concentration of fragrance into the air for extended periods. Therefore, a soy candle burns about twice as long as a paraffin candle.

Poses No Health-Risk

Because of its all-natural composition, soy wax poses no health risks. Paraffin wax is a waste product of refining crude oil, and when burnt, paraffin wax candles emit tiny, potentially dangerous particles into the atmosphere. Paraffin wax is derived from crude oil, which is known to emit numerous pollutant particles when burnt; therefore, this is likely where the hazardous particles come from.

However, if you use soy candles, accidental drips won’t damage your surfaces. Spilled soy wax may be easily removed with dish soap and hot water. As a result, you won’t only be able to enjoy the sugary air but also wipe up any accidents that may occur. What other ways may candles improve your house besides the aroma? Pollutants from burning paraffin candles tend to congregate on walls. Your home’s paint will eventually get discoloured because of this. Indoor air quality might be compromised when they collect in upholstery and carpeting. Your house will be happier with candles made from soy wax since they are eco-friendly, all-natural, and less of a hassle to clean.


High-quality soy wax candles provide a robust scent, burn for longer, and are made from all-natural, renewable resources. These candles are 100% natural, smokeless, and lead-free and have three wicks to spread their fragrance more. It provides you and your loved ones with a simple, low-risk, and eco-friendly way to enjoy the many benefits of burning scented candles at home.

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